The Liebster Award

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Hye guys... I have been nominated in The Liebster Awards by Afiqah.
Actually, Ana jinjja jinjja tak tau apa bendalah Libster Award ni. Tapi, bila Ana tengok rules dan cara permainan ini, nampak sama jelah kan macam soalan cepumas yang Ana pernah buat dulu tu. Just di kena follow orang yang kita tag, dan orang tu kena follow kita balik. Right? Itu yang Ana paham pun.. Hek!

Rules  :
  • For those who have less than 200 followers on bloglovin , this is a great opportunity for small and new blogs to find new readers and connect with everyone in the blogging community!
  • If I have nominate you , all you have to do receive the award is to follow me on Google Friend Connect ( GFC ) and then answer a few questions! Make sure that when you nominate people you're following them and send them a message letting them know you have done so ( suggest at most 11 nominations )

Nominees :

Answer For The Questions!
1 . When did you start blogging ?
Answers => I start blogging since March 2013
2 . How much hours that you spent on blogging everyday ?
Answers => Actually, a whole day I spent my time with blogging. Hoho.. No. Just, tak menentu. *Jangan ikut perangai ni!*
3 . Do you trust your bestfriend ?
Answers => Yes, I trust her much! If not, I won't let her be my bestfriend.
4 . Who are the people you spend the most time with ?
Answers => My friends. But, time holiday camni biasa spend dengan keluarga the most. ^^
5 . What language that you want to learn and why ?
Answers => Korean! Arabian! English! No, actually all language. If I can.. Cus, just for fun.. Hehe..
6 . What memories that have makes you feel very happy in your life?
Answers => Camping with my friends. Hang out with my school friends. And, I think the memories that makes me happy is always the memories with my friends!
7 . What's the best achievement that you've ever received in your life
Answers => UPSR'S 5A maybe? Or maybe be a school prefect since year 4?
8 . What image do you have as your desktop background and why do you set it for your desktop background ?
Just simple background. (Desktop Background) So, may I say 'no reason'. (Malas nak tukar background sebenarnya tuh..)
9 . What kind of blog do you like to read ?
Answers => Blogs with interesting stories. Or about themselves that's interesting. And, funny entries about them. ^^
10 . Who are the people that you really love ?
Answers => My parents, family. Friends!

Okay, done answering all the question. Now, it's my turn to give you 10 questions. ^^

1. Are you a directioner? Who are you most interested in?
2. What song could describes you? Or describes about your life?
3. You got a best friends? How many? If you can, list the names.
4. List 3 country that you always wants to visit.
5. Have you ever watch Korean Drama? What is your favorite Korean Drama?
6. What is your favorite song?
7. Do you likes to read novels? Which novels do you like the most?
8. Who are the most you want to see right now?
9. Do you like animals? What animals you like the most?
10. What is your favorite color?

Okay, done! Assalamualaikum.


Ratu Lissa said...

thanks for tagging :)

Afiqah Adzan said...

Thank you jawab soalan akak .. Dapat ugak tahu pasal ana

Mimi afiqah said...

thanks tagging

Ainur Athikah said...

Done jawab soalan awak...sorry sangat2 sbb jawab terlalu-lalu lambat..