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Hye semua.. Okay, Ana ditag oleh Zie. Okay, jom start.
Rule 1 : Post the rules.
Rule 2 : Answer the question the tagger asked you, then make 11 new one.
Rule 3 : Tag 11 people and link them to your post .
Rule 4 : Let them know you've tagged them

1 . Can you describe your fav k-idol ?
= Handsome, cute, beautiful eyes --Luhan--
Handsome, good dancing, lovely face --BaekHyun-
2 . List some of your fav k-pop group ( bole guna kan gambar ).
= The first fav kpop group is ,,





3 . If you want to meet your k-idol , who is it ?
= All EXO's members n Yong Hwa (CN Blue)
4 . If you have to choose Kpop merchandise , what will you want ? Tell me THREE merchandise .
= Poster, t-shirts, bag (Actually, semua pun nak..) 
5 .Will you go to kpop concert eventhough your parents not let you go there ?
= No, I won't. ( I'd never go actually.. XD)
6 . Describe your own fav k-idol .
= I think I did answer this. Question number 1.
7 . If EXO come to Malaysia , who you really want to meet ?
= All of the members!
8 . Are you a SONE ? If yes , please state ONE name idol in this group that you like .
= Yoona
9 .When did you like KPOP ?
= Since last year 2012.
10 . Your fav Korean  food that you like ?
= I never eat Korean food. Hoho..
11 . Can you insert your current k-idol picture ? Just ONE .

1. Are you EXOTICS? Who is the most you like in that group?
2. Since when did you become kpoppers?
3. What makes you wanna be a kpoppers?
4. List your fav kpop idol. (You can use pictures if u want)
5. Describe your fav kpop idol.
6. Who is your bias? List 3-5 of them.
7. List your fav kpop group (You can use pictures)
8. If you can meet any kpop idol, who do you really wanna meat?
9. Why do you like your first fav kpop idol?
10. Do you ever tought to quit being a kpopper?
11. Have u ever gone to the kpop concert?

I tag :

Ok done! Assalamualaikum..