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Assalamualaikum.. ^^

Alhamdulillah I got the chance to update my blog again! And yup,, next year I will be one of the SPM candidates and for this school holiday,, I got piles of homework + projects to do for competitions on peringkat kebangsaan and that stressed me out. Seriously. I'm just hoping that I could get more schol holidays.. Haha..

Actually, Ana nak cakap pasal my new school after a year being in SBP but yahh.. I think maybe next time because news yang paling hangat sekarang ni and seriously make me feels the like.. ntah .. x tau nk cakap macam mana. Takutlah .. Bukan takut.. just macam.. Hmm kan.. ntah..

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As a Muslim, we needs to pray for other Muslims too either they are bad or they are good. They're still a Muslim and we are brothers and sisters.. Huhu..
Rasanya semua orang dah dengar berita tentang Baitul Maqdis and that makes me so sad but I dont have the power to do anything and what I can do is just pray and help by not supporting them the yahudis.. Huhhh..

So, basically, Ana just nak luahkan betapa sedih je Ana, betapa Ana rasa bersalah sebab as saudara semuslim Ana tak selalu doakan dan fikirkan mereka di sana. Ada tu memang ada but not too often.. Like,, every single day thinking of them. But after these kind of news comes to me,, one by one,, I couldnt help but to always remember. Ana tak boleh lupa langsung pasal benda ni.. And yup, Ana rasa bersalah sangat-sangat for the Muslims there.

So, what if us,, Muslims,, do something at least doa. And actually the most important thing is our bonds. That's important so that they couldn't cut our bonds. So, that diorang tak dapat pecahkan dinding persaudaraan kita. 

Basically, kalau budak-budak sekolah ni,, hehe.. selalunya mesti amalkan doa ni selalu,, which is doa rabitah and doa Qunut Nazilah so that we can strengthen our bonds and sentiasa doakan yang terbaik untuk saudara semuslim kita di sana. In Shaa Allah..

Okay,, next time if Ana rajin.. haha.. I will make my next entry.. Assalamualaikum.. ^^