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Assalamualaikum awak semua.

Okay, so seperti yang Ana dh promise last week, I was supposed to make the promised entry last week. Tapi tulah Ana busy sbb first week masuk U. So, sementara takde kelas ni, I want to share dengan korang on how nak buat business, easy, tak perlu modal pun,, korang just kena click and sync. And all done! So, how?

Okay, ni special for those yang interested untuk buat business online in Shopee. You just need to have a Shopee account since Shopee ni agak mudah nak jadi seller from there cus they don't put any terms untuk jadi seller. Anyone can be a seller in Shopee. So, Ana pun memang right now a seller in Shopee. I sell a lot of things such as dresses, tudung, baju, kasut, even fitness punya items pun Ana ada jual, also blanket, cadar and all stuff. And I am still trying to add up the items in my Shopee account. 

So, how? Mana Ana dapat supplier barang macam-macam ni? Mana Ana dapat modal?


So, let me introduce this wonderful website ( . This wonderful website is an automate dropship system where anyone can sign up as a dropshipper but you don't have to know siapa supplier dia, apa contact number dia, how many stocks do they have and all stuff. All you need to do is by syncing your Shopee account to this website ( tutorial ada disediakan untuk new user ) and then, korang dah boleh start menjual by click and sync the items yang korang nak jual. Ada banyak barang bersepah dalam ni. Korang pilih je. Better if you sync all supaya chances nak dapat buyer tu lagi tinggi lah kan.

Tapi, Ana confirm korang akan stuck sikitlah time first2 nak try,, tapi please don't give up. Because this is your chance to be a businessman / businesswoman yang berjaya. Of course buat business kena banyak bersabar from start to the end. Kalau korang berjaya bersabar, in shaa Allah, korang confirm akan recommend this website to all your friends and acquaintances sbb that's what I'm doing right now.

Before korang start syncing item, make sure korang ada satu 'dummy' item, which is barang olok2 dalam shop korang dulu. Why? Because you need to set your shipping and all stuff. Jangan risau!! Cus, takde sape akan buka korang punya shop tu lagi . Sbb korang belum start buat marketing pun lagi kan.

After dah habis sumer setting, korang dah boleh start sync item to your Shopee account. And tolong jangan lupa delete dummy item korang. Takut ada yang tetibe terbeli pula dummy item korang. HAHA. I don't know.

After that,, korang dah boleh start marketing!! Yeay.. Marketing kat shopee ni tak susah but to get a customer is probably hard. Plus, Shopee ni memang sangat strict about seller ni. Like dia akan rate korang punya chat reply, korang punya shipping time, korang punya online time. Kalau dah sampai 3/4 hari korang tak buka Shopee,, memang Shopee akan prevent orang dari beli barang dari korang. SO, better you make sure that you open shopee everyday. At least, to boost your item lah so that orang nampak item korang yang sohot tu. Berebutlah jadi preferred seller. It's hard, Ana tengah try. In Shaa Allah one day. Hehe..

Okay, so jangan lupa!! Buka sekarang!! Sign up sekarang!!

P/S : Kalau korang rasa bersungguh-sungguh nak buat but still confuse on how to do it or maybe tak faham cara buat marketing and all, feel free to comment or put on my cbox if you want to request a tutorial. GOOD LUCK!!