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LAST UPDATE ; 6/6/2017
Nama diberi Husna. Lebih prefer as AnaMyhusna for my blog's name. ^^ I started blogging in Grade 5 and now, I'm not an active blogger but still updating from time to time. Yup, passive blogger. Only sometimes. Huhu.. I'm a drama lovers and you don't know how many dramas I watch in a day. Haha.. Ana minat all kind of drama as long as the storyline and the main actor and actress is good at acting and good looking. Hahaha. If the actress not that pretty, I can still watch it as long as the actor got the face. ^^ And now, Ana moved to a new school but I still loved my old school and always missing that school. So, right now, studying in SGS n before studying in Maahad Hamidiah. ^^ So, I learned Arabic. And I know a little bit Korean language and now I'm taking German class in my new school. Please pray for me. Hoping to be a very good student and success in SPM. And now, I'm a form 4 student who is still learning about life and this world. As you can see, I'm kinda look like one of that crazy kpoppers,, but I'm not that crazy one. Just love their dramas and some of their music. ^^
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Badlishah Azman said...

samalah nak jadi novelis.

Batrisyia Delaila said...

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Yun Sing said...

Nice to know you :)