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~안녕 하세요~
HEY buddies. my name is Ana for short my full name is Ana Myhusna. Not my real nama okay.. I stay in Selangor. Study at SMKA Maahad Hamidiah and now I'm studying in form 3. Best friend? Of course I have but we're not in the same school. Rarely meet. But 'Jauh di mata dekat di hati'. ^^ I love blogging but now I'm way too busy with studies and I'm staying at hostel so I rarely open my blog. I love novels and songs! I want to be many things in this world cus I love Barbie. We can be anything. Ahaks! I love to watch K-drama, T-drama. J-drama. Philipines drama and many more. Malay drama too.. And I am surely a kpoppers but not a hardcore one. Just like it. That's all.. THANKS for READING , sorry if my english too bad. I'm just a human being who makes mistakes. Thanks for being my friends here.. and read my blog! ^^

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